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Sacred Space

The world of words and logic is not the only space Beana likes to inhabit.  She also dwells where spirit, mystery and our collective unconscious swirl and intersect.  The sacred space where we return to ourselves, our connection to one another and the universe we call home.

Healing, Ceremony, Celebration

Shamanic Healing | Herbs & Plant Medicine | Moon Rituals & Ceremony | Crystals & Minerals  

Photo: @dianawakan

Photo: @dianawakan

Shamanic Healing

Tapping into intuition - inner knowing - and listening to the body is powerful medicine.  Being receptive to the wisdom found in nature as well as the subtle energy in and around us can reveal truth, effect change and inspire growth.  Beana has completed the year long Level I Shamanic Apprenticeship from Indigenous Roots Institute, learned from teachers in Peru, Brazil and New York City over the last 10 years and continues to journey into the realm of spirit to stay grounded, compassionate and connected.  

Beana works with her teachers, her spirit guides, the stars, sound & music, crystals & minerals, tarot, poetry and plant medicine to help divine meaning, release patterns, navigate grief, discern wisdom, read energy and gather insight to support growth.   Beana's exploration of this mystical terrain began in an effort to support the healing of her own childhood trauma and PTSD, though she enjoys sharing this part of herself with others.