Beana treasures photo gigs above all other gigs. It’s her favorite. Stopping time with her camera, savoring moments, preserving memories…it’s joyful, creative work. You’ll make her heart swell if you ask her to share her perspective with you.


There's too much to say about Beana's photography to cram it into one little paragraph.   Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?  The moral of the story is the Beana LOVES to shoot photos.  She always has.  Digital, analog, moving, iPhone...whatever.  Weddings, products, portraits, editorial shots or low-light action portraiture (aka Rock and Roll!), she's done it and would *love* to do it for you.

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Wedding | Engagement | Events

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Promotional & Website Photography

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Product | Commercial | Editorial


Bean *loves* photo gigs more than all the other gigs and would love to shoot for you.  Hit her up to talk about it.  Check out her (deep) Flickr archive, her FB page or her Instagram to get a taste of her style or just get in touch.  Barters can be fun in this line of work and Bean is open to trading photos for whatever goodies you might have to share...

Interested to book Beana for your event?  Want to refresh the photos on your website or catalog?  Have another project in mind?  Please get in touch!

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