Marketing & Branding

Artfully weaving photography, graphic design, words and video into a tapestry that stirs emotions, reveals truth and inspires action is at the heart of Beana's approach to marketing. Less marketing > More storytelling.

Web Design, Branding, Photography, Social Media Marketing

Photography | Web Design | Graphic Design | Branding | Social Media Marketing | Creative Direction |

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Website Design & Consulting

Think of your web presence as your 'digital skin.'  Does it feel good?  Is it authentic to who you are and what you have to offer?  Most web designers are not storytellers.  This storyteller happens to know how to do both.   It makes a difference.



Capturing the spirit of a moment, a person or a place stirs up a deep kind of joy in Beana.  Finding that unique perspective, devouring the light, preserving a feeling, documenting an intention.     Presence and attention to detail are the secret sauce.


Branding & Graphic Design

Your brand needs to feel good to you but, more importantly, it needs to communicate something to your customers and, ideally, inspire action.  Distilling your brand identity and revealing your style should be a joyful act.


Social Media Marketing

Baaaaaa! The world's addiction to social media is gross.  We're sheep.  It's still pretty handy though and even inspiring if you know how to drive it.  Want to understand how this channel can serve you?  Beana has some ideas for you.