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Kristina {Beana Bern} Schreibman is a creative, energetic and passionate: Idea Generator. Maker.  Photographer. Integrative Business Coach. Unconventional Executive.  Eternal Optimist. Fire Dragon. Networker. ENFP. Artist. Storyteller. Medicine Woman. 

Beana was born in "America's Breadbasket" but quickly made the world her home.  Raised between Kansas and Connecticut, Beana has lived all over the world.  New York City,  Austria's Tyrolean Alps, Hong Kong's 'dried seafood district' and even a Honda Accord were her nest before finally landing in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom where she now lives in a small log cabin on 10 acres of forest.

Early on in her career she stumbled across a quote from Charles Kettering that said, "A problem well stated is a problem half solved."  It resonated.  Big time.  Her passion for language - both with words and imagery - revealed an innate talent for identifying the root of a problem, articulating it concisely (sometimes poetically, sometimes brutally honestly) and then architecting solutions and organizational structures to overcome it.    

From an internet start-up to a global luxury fashion brand, from a small natural candle factory to a revolutionary agricultural college, Beana's unique brand of consulting, visual storytelling and systems architecture has created a lot of value for the organizations and executives she's served and empowered her with a vast and deep toolbox of experience to share. 

Her choice to relocate to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom was rooted in her desire to live closer to the Earth and reconnect with a simpler way of life.  The vibrant working landscape, local food system and tight-knit community of agrarians and artists in Vermont is an unending source of inspiration.  She's now working as an integrative business coach with local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to provide heart-centered and grounded support that is both results-oriented and smart as hell.