Business Coaching

Integrative business coaching takes a holistic approach to problem solving and applies heart-centered awareness with systems thinking to find meaningful solutions.  Having clarity on the 'why?' can positively impact the 'how?'

Integrative Business Coaching

Passion. Purpose. Clarity. Resilience. Impact.

Beana will guide you through the generative work of developing your concept, articulating your purpose, expressing your brand authentically and manifesting your vision into reality. Inhabiting the the concept fully through brainstorming and idea generation, problem solving, operations and systems thinking, projections and reflection, and a radically honest appraisal of your ‘how'?’ and ‘why,’ Beana will help you lay a strong foundation on which to build or grow your business while staying holistic and grounded to what’s most important to you.

With a BA in Economics and over 25 years experience in marketing, strategy, operations, management and business development, Beana has seen it, built it, fixed it, bought it, sold it or knows somebody who has. Her broad and deep experience in business will definitely help you in your work but it’s how she shares her experience that makes all the difference. Beana’s passion for authenticity, creativity, efficiency, sustainability and beauty is grounded by her curiosity, compassion for her clients and deep love of the energy embodied in collaboration.

Maybe you know exactly what kind of help you need. Maybe you don’t. Either is a fine place to start. Following are some ways to work together:

A La Carte Monthly Coaching

Book either a 3, 6 or 9 hour block of hours that can be used in one fell swoop or as individual one hour meetings or any combination thereof. This is a quick and easy way to download some guidance, generate some ideas, learn some techniques, inject some magic, craft some language or up-level your current work in whatever way you need. If you don’t know what you need, Beana will utilize this time and support you to clarify your purpose and articulate your needs so you can move forward. Time is spent one-on-one with Beana in person, via Skype or phone.

  • 3 Hours - $225/month

  • 6 Hours - $450/month

  • 9 Hours - $700/month

Monthly payment plans are available upon request.

Business Plan - 4 Month Package

Perfect for start-ups, small businesses or established businesses that either don’t have a business plan and feel ready to take a more proactive and strategic approach to their work or those that do but want some support to revise it. This package will include articulating your purpose, mission, values; identifying your target market; establishing your unique value proposition; analyzing your competitive landscape; clarifying your brand identity and marketing strategy; setting priorities and creating a comprehensive action plan for your business so you’re ready to roll!

  • 8 two hour planning sessions

  • 4 one hour accountability sessions

  • Unlimited phone and email communication

$2,600 ($650/month over 4 months). Monthly payment plans are available upon request.